Jenny Penser is a new board member of Carnegie Holding AB (Carnegie Group) and Carnegie Investment Bank AB.

Jenny Penser is a new board member of Carnegie Holding’s board and is elected to the board in connection with the completion of the acquisition of Erik Penser Bank’s Wealth Management, Corporate Finance as well as Penser Access och Penser Future research services. In connection with the acquisition, the Penser family becomes the owner of 4% of the shares in Carnegie Holding.

Jenny Penser has been actively working on the board of the family business, Erik Penser Bank, since 2004. Jenny also serves on the boards of Altaal AB, Bolivo AB, and the charity organization Gula Änglarna AB. Previously, Jenny was responsible for covering the banking and insurance industry in the Nordic region at the news agency Bloomberg.

“We are very pleased that Jenny Penser is joining Carnegie’s board. Jenny’s expertise is highly relevant to our board and Carnegie’s operations. It is an excellent way to deepen our long-term cooperation and carry on the Penser legacy,” commented Anders Johnsson, Chairman of the Board, when the news of the acquisition was made public on October 24.

Starting from November 30, 2023, the board of Carnegie Group consists of Chairman Anders Johnsson and board members Harald Mix, Pia Marions, Ingrid Bojner, Andreas Rosenlew, Gustav Axelson, and Jenny Penser. Claes-Henrik Julander, former Chairman of Erik Penser Bank, has been appointed as an adjunct member from November 30, 2023, until May 30, 2024.

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