Our vision

To be the most competent and respected financial advisor in the Nordics.

Our mission

We enable companies, capital and communities to achieve sustainable growth.

Our clients

We work with companies, their owners, institutions and individuals.
Offices in 6 countries

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the decision systems and processes through which a company is governed and controlled. Governance, management, and control are distributed among the shareholders, the Board of Directors, board committees, and the CEO. The overall objective of corporate governance at Carnegie is to ensure smooth and efficient processes that uphold high ethical standards as well as good risk management and internal control.

Corporate Governance

Our business

Our business units are Investment Banking, Securities, Private Banking, and Asset Management. The business divisions work in close collaboration with Carnegie Tech, which provides infrastructure and business development. The business divisions are also supported by several group and support functions that provide expertise and specialist functions with the purpose of supporting the bank’s clients, its business, and its governance.

Our business model

Our role in the society

Business and enterprise are a key factor in creating a sustainable economy – and the foundation of Carnegie’s business and success.
We have a long-term commitment to supporting enterprise throughout the entire journey by being a meeting place for knowledge and capital.

Where knowledge and capital meet